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Now for the technical bit!

You can expect a high quality DSLR camera to take each selfie.  This ensures that all your photo’s are the best quality.

The Selfie Station also uses the latest market leading software which allows you to share your photo’s to social media straight after they are taken if you like via the 2nd screen at the back of the device.

We have green screen technology, and can generate animated gifs or videos from your photos if that’s what you would like your guests to use.

The photos from our dye sub printer will be printed on 4” x 6” high quality photo paper. You can choose what kind of photo layout you would prefer.  We can show you all options at the point of booking. Your choice of our photo templates will be customised, which allows you to have personalised photographs especially for your event.

If your event venue is a bit dark, it’s not a problem.  The device comes with a great flash which allows for darker venues.

When someone wants to have a photo taken, your guests simply come to the selfie station, press a button, get into position and smile.  4 photos will be taken, every 5 or 10 seconds, allowing your guests to change pose and have 4 really different photographs.

We will always have at least 1 member of staff to assemble the device and stay with it to help your guests get maximum awesomeness out of the selfie station.  We will take it away with us at the end of the evening.  All we need is access to a power plug.

If you want your guests to be able to share their pictures via social media, we will either need Wi-Fi access from the venue, or we can use our 4G if needs be (sometimes we have signal problems in remote areas).